Being an artist means you are constantly creating something new. We’ve all heard of writer’s block, but for me, I’m more likely to suffer from over stimulation. How many of us share the guilty pleasure of Pinterest? Luckily for me, I’m able to write it off as “research”.  Since I am constantly, and I mean constantly, flooding my brain with new images, inspiration comes quickly. Well, you ask, how can this be bad? Have you heard of the term Frankensteining? (In case not, it’s basically combining various items to make an object or concept work, but not very efficiently.) In order to avoid this, I add one part patience and one part commitment.

Inspiration for “Olivia”…

When painting a portrait, I find an image I like, and I stick with it. After I’ve committed to the image, I’ll make a sketch of it and figure out what I like about it, what should stay, and what should go. Once I have a rough idea, I’ll Pinterest some more. I look for color schemes I like, movement, different artists that inspire me and their styles. Then I put it all away. References and research are extremely helpful for inspiration and getting started, but to avoid “frankensteining”, I need to let the painting evolve itself.

Pinterest Inspiration for Olivia:

The model herself:

Fashion Photography:

Fashion Photography is an art itself. The bizarre positioning, clothing and settings create incredibly evocative, surreal worlds.

Movement and Artsits I love:

Artsits (from left to right): Francis Bacon, Sarah Lucas, Egon Schiele, Unknown

Movement, and lines and shapes, oh my!

Color Schemes:

Prussian Blue and Yellow Ochre are hands down my favorite colors, and when paired with other complementary colors, you just can’t go wrong.