young artists

Chambers Austelle Art’s Young Artists program benefits the students of Sanders Clyde Creative Arts School by providing specific materials and tools for unique and inspiring art projects. Partnering with Redux Contemporary Art Center, Chambers Austelle Art pledges to donate 10% of all painting sales. The proceeds, combined with Redux’s knowledge, dedication, and understanding of our city and cultural art needs, will generate a new platform of engagement in which these young artists can communicate, create, and explore.

Upcoming Exhibit: Birdcage, Opening February 10, 2017 // Beresford Studios // Charleston, SC

Young Artists’ Upcoming Project: Silk Batiks

Batik is a “dye-resist” process in which removable wax is applied to fabric, creating areas that will repel dye, while any unwaxed areas will absorb dye.

How will our Young Artists batik?

Since safety is always a priority, we’ll be replacing a few of the materials. We’ll use Elmer’s blue gel glue instead of hot wax and acrylic paint instead of dye. Now that our project is safe, we’ll use silk, a traditional fabric used in batiking, to preserve the project’s authenticity.